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IT Infrastructure Automation

Our flagship product, GlobalOrch, easily automates and orchestrates your entire organizations' IT Infrastructure operations and administration tasks

GlobalOrch has brilliant capabilities to handle automation and orchestration across various automation areas, automation technologies, multi-location automation and multi-vendor IT infrastructure components including various business application software, networking infrastructure, operating systems, servers, databases, data storages, hypervisors and virtualization, cloud infrastructure, resilience operations, compliance automation, public key infrastructure, etc

GlobalOrch easily automates simple or complex day-to-day IT administration and management tasks, freeing up IT staff towards addressing more pressing futuristic activities of architecting and improving infrastructure. Automating repetitive tasks is the only way for IT to have time to focus on important tasks that provide added value to the organization.

Robotic Process Automation

GlobalOrch RPA integrates, orchestrates and manages process automations to help achieve higher efficiency & effectiveness, increased productivity with lesser errors and higher quality results

All enterprises, big and small, have a number of processes, functions and activities which are repetitive, mundane, people oriented by well defined by business logic and rules but are prone to data quality errors, have higher turnaround time, are less customer oriented and take more effort to complete. GlobalOrch automation platform can easily automate and streamline such processes using robotic process automation technologies and give a technology jump to enterprises businesses

IT Service Management Automation

GlobalOrch takes your Change management, Service and Help Desk to the next level by drastically reducing turnaround time (TAT) of repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing staff from high-volume, low-value tasks and saving costs ITSM automation via GlobalOrch results in speedier, cheaper process execution and outcome delivery, improved customer/employee experience and outcomes, faster change management processes, drastic improvements in meeting SLA's and streamlined escalation of high priority / high impact incidents with major reduction of noise in the service management process

GlobalOrch streamlines ticket creation and routing, simplifies ticket escalation process of critical incidents, eliminates repetitive tasks, enhances service desk efficiency, quickens change and release management, reduces operational costs and highly improves customer experience

Complex Runbook Automation

GlobalOrch Complex Runbook automation can simultaenously automate and orchestrate any dependent, logical or parallel enterprise business flows across multiple, different multi-location applications and application layers or multi vendor categories of different IT infrastructure hardware components by applying complex business rules, reading, parsing and interpreting complex intermediate business results and using those intermediate results logically to complete the business process in a fully automated manner

GlobalOrch's runbook automation orchestrates and integrates with all types of business applications, both web based, desktop based, console based or cloud based as well as with various IT infrastructure elements, such as infrastructure applications, OS and Servers, Databases, Storages, Hypervisors, Networks, Public Key Infrastructure, etc

Automation Consulting

OpsTeQ helps you to identify, redesign and optimize your business and IT infrastructure processes to optimally combine people, processes and technology so that your automation efforts fully meet your expectations.

We help clients to initially adopt automation of basic processes before moving to strategic projects which deliver top ROI gains at unbeatable TCO resulting in a win-win situation for all stakeholders

Our consultation ranges from Process discovery, Optical character recognition (OCR) based automation, Business process management (BPM) and Robotic process and desktop automation (RPA or RDA) to support the entire spectrum of automation possibilities to generate maximum value from your automation efforts

Cloud Operations Automation

GlobalOrch enables client IT teams and developers to create, modify, and tear down resources on various cloud environment's like AWS, Azure and GCP cloud automatically.

GlobalOrch eliminates repetitive and manual processes to deploy and manage cloud based workloads and is used to provision and manage cloud computing workloads and services to private, public and hybrid cloud environments GlobalOrch's cloud automation solutions enable IT admins and Cloud admins to automate manual processes and speed up the delivery of infrastructure resources on a self-service basis, according to user or business demand.

GlobalOrch's cloud automation can be used in the automation of software development lifecycle for code testing, network diagnostics, data security, software-defined networking (SDN), or version control in DevOps teams and liberate unused cloud resources and ensures optimized use of the critical environments

DevOps Automation

GlobalOrch automates CI/CD processes of infrastructure configuration set ups and software deployments to make frequent deliveries across heterogenous platforms.

GlobalOrch with its large inbuilt libraries, out of the box No-Code / Low-Code actions and multiple integration points, brings benefits to clients in DevOps automation which boosts speed, consistency, higher accuracy, reliability and increases the frequency of CI/CD deliveries. GlobalOrch Automation for DevOps supports every devops process from building, to deploying and monitoring.

File and Folders Automation

GlobalOrch File and Folder operations automation incorporates advanced operations for automation of business processes and functions with files and folders on a range of platforms

Clients can take advantage of GlobalOrch automation across different operating system platforms and file systems by incorporating automation flows for their routine File and Folder operations which automate creating, opening, copying, moving, renaming, deleting, zipping and unzipping files and organizing files and folders

DataCenter Operations Automation

GlobalOrch incorporates automation of routine data center operational processes like administration, maintenance, application delivery and remediation

GlobalOrch automation increases agility and operational efficiency by automating routine procedures like patching, updating, and reporting and enforcing data center processes and controls in agreement with defined or benchmarked standards and policies

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