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About OpsTeQ

OpsTeQ is a leading enterprise automation product and services company offering a unique Global Automation Platform driven by its leading-edge product, GlobalOrch™ that can automate an organization's every requirement, be it business processes using RPA or IT Infrastructure administration and management processes or any other complex process across any spectrum of applications, tools and technologies, industries and industry verticals.

Using latest software automation technologies, we prepare and transform clients business, information systems and operating environments for the digital era.

Our consultative and intense engagement approach helps our clients to run efficient, effective and innovative businesses that are well oriented and prepared for the future


Using automation technologies delivered by GlobalOrch™, we wish to be at the heart of every automation requirement, for corporations, big or small, as well as individuals, by giving them freedom to focus on their real business.


We aspire to disrupt the global IT software automation arena in the process of being admired by our customers, by bringing a unique, global automation platform, using which, customers can tangibly enhance their business value in terms of productivity, quality, efficiency and effectiveness.


We will always be driven by honesty, integrity, transparency, intellect and professionalism in our aspiration of being admired by our customers

Our Team

We are a high performance team with complementary talents and skills who work in a highly collaborative approach. We are aligned together with common objectives of achieving technical excellence and to consistently deliver superior business value to our customers Our team members are highly skilled with years of IT industry experience within the scope of software automation across various software technologies and industry verticals in terms of delivering to all sized corporations across the globe

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