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What is GlobalOrch?

Our Global Automation Platform driven by our flagship automation product, GlobalOrch™ combines the power of automation and orchestration for all automation requirements in any organization. The product includes RPA technologies for business process automation, automation of all IT infrastructure operations administration and other key features which organizations can use to derive quick benefits of automation. In short, GlobalOrch can automate and orchestrate any client business or IT Operations requirement for all sized organizations

GlobalOrch Product Capabilities?

GlobalOrch can automate and orchestrate any technology agnostic, location agnostic, complex, end-to-end business processes through RPA technologies and also automate IT infrastructure management and administration processes across any IT infrastructure component of an enterprise

Technology and Location Agnostics

GlobalOrch can easily handle multi vendor, multi platform technologies of varied applications or IT infrastructure located multi location, multi cloud or hybrid environment automation

UniQue Selling Point

GlobalOrch guarantees lowest total cost of ownership. Single automation product results in lower TCO for clients by allowing customers to avoid pitfalls of incurring various costs of procuring multiple products for specific requirements. GlobalOrch delivers tangible business value.

Clients get consultations and recommendations from our highly experienced and best in class automation experts for each automation case.

Clients can enjoy massive procurement advantages and avoid repetitive automation product comparison and selection cycles for different automation requirements. Single universal automation platform avoids multiple product maintenance issues, multiple teams and trainings, IT infra allocations, licenses and administration issues,etc

Key IT Infrastructure Automation Capabilities

GlobalOrch for IT infrastructure systems, can, integrate, read and subscribe to a range of alerts, alarms, changes, triggers, events, messages, SMS, emails or IOT signals thrown by source systems to launch complex preemptive, corrective or counteractive measures using preconfigured remediation flows, automation plans, health check solutions and healing solutions

Key RPA Capabilities

GlobalOrch RPA technologies has tremendous capabilities to
-integrate, orchestrate and stitch together complex client business processes to achieve automations across your entire existing islands of applications
-extend end life of currently invested applications and reduce Total Cost of Ownership across an Enterprise’s application spectrum

GlobalOrch RPA can orchestrate complex automations non-invasively on the surface (UI) layer of web or desktop business applications or invasively using native application api or restful api or web services or use command line or console interfaces

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